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I was introduced to this method about 2 years ago and I really liked it! At that time, I was not a fan of aerobic training at all (I ran out of the world after walking 20 minutes uphill) and every minute spent on the cardio machine seemed like an eternity – no matter if I was watching my favorite music, videos or movies, those 20-30-40 minutes were always it was quite moaning for me

…but InfraStar, on the other hand, also enchanted me with its extreme, almost luxurious environment, and I liked that it was unique, more special and that I could separate myself a little from the outside world. Although we roll in a relatively comfortable position.

I was glad that this is not a method that only promises miracles while you eat one box of chocolates after another while sitting on the sofa… of course you have to roll/exercise, it feels good that you are really working for the pleasant fatigue.

InfraFit Studio Rugby InfraStar Vacuum Bike Service

So what is InfraStar and what makes it different from other aerobic methods? What makes it special, how does it work?

InfraFit Studio Rugby InfraStar Vacuum Bike Background

The simplest way I could describe it is that it is an exercise bike in a recumbent position, imagine that your lower body is in a machine comparable to a capsule, where you push the pedals, you have to spin them. Your upper body remains free, and it is most comfortable to push through the training in a sports bra or bikini top, because you will sweat a lot due to the infrared light and heat!

The built-in infrared lamp is approx. It works at 50 degrees, so be prepared to be a little sweaty by the end of the workout and have a really unique experience! In addition to the infrared lamp, the vacuum is what boosts the training even more and helps to speed up your metabolism.


You will absolutely love this Body Shaping method, if you want something new, you want to push through a super sweaty aerobic workout outside of the gym, alone, focusing only on yourself, a little “closed” from the outside world!

Last but not least, you can do all of this in a demanding, pleasant environment, and you’ll certainly work for a nice shape here too, since it’s up to you how hard you “drive the machine”!

– Nora Bordacs

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